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Welcome to Coco Ichibanya, where our passion for authentic flavors 
and a shared love for exceptional dining experiences converge.

A short overview of our background

Providing Excellent Curry since 1978

Coco Ichibanya, often referred to as CoCoICHI, is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in curry dishes. The main focus of Coco Ichibanya is its customizable curry menu, allowing customers to choose their preferred level of spiciness, toppings, and other ingredients to create a personalized curry dish.

Forward-thinking, we will persistently embrace the task of making a positive impact on a sustainable society in order to provide "Your Curry, Your Way." to as many individuals as we can worldwide.

CEO of UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines, Inc.,

Hubert Young.

Hubert Young, chief executive officer of UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines, Inc. Known for bringing franchises like UCC Coffee, Mitsudayo Sei-Men, Tendon Kohaku, Coco Ichibanya, and Shaburi & Kintan Buffet to the Philippines, speaks with love and excitement for the cuisine he wants more Filipinos to experience.

Under the guidance of CEO Hubert Young, UCC has flourished as a beacon of quality and innovation in the Philippine coffee industry. His leadership and passion have propelled UCC to new heights, delivering exceptional coffee experiences to our valued customers.

Today, UCC in the Philippines stands as a testament to Tadao’s unwavering dedication and CEO Hubert Young’s visionary leadership. With a passion that spans generations, we continue to create exceptional coffee experiences for our customers. From our carefully curated blends to our delightful dishes, we strive to embody Tadao’s vision of making coffee a beloved part of Filipino culture.

Our Curry

Serving Excellent Curry since 1978

Coco Ichibanya is a Japanese curry restaurant chain that has grown to become a global phenomenon. Established in 1978 in Nagoya, Japan, by a visionary named Yoshihiko Hyuga, the first Coco Ichibanya outlet was a humble curry and rice eatery. Over the years, its popularity soared, thanks to its customizable curry dishes that allowed patrons to choose the spice level, toppings, and portion size.

The restaurant's success in Japan prompted rapid expansion, and by the 2000s, Coco Ichibanya had established a strong presence in other Asian countries. The concept resonated with diverse palates, and the chain continued to evolve its menu to include various curry styles and accompaniments.

Internationally, Coco Ichibanya gained acclaim for its unique approach to curry, earning a loyal following. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Coco Ichibanya continued to thrive, with numerous outlets across Asia, Europe, and the United States, showcasing the global appeal of Japanese curry. Keep in mind that developments or expansions may have occurred since then.

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